Samsung galaxy M01 The Ultimate Communication Gadget


Buy the Samsung Galaxy M01, that not only has appealing looks but is also loaded with several impressive features. The latest mobile phone has been launched in India on April 2, 2021 ( Official) at a launching price of Rs 9,99. It has been designed with advanced hardware and possesses a lot of advanced applications which make it a class mobile phone. To know more about the phone and its exciting features, you should buy Samsung Galaxy M01 online.

Samsung Galaxy M01 has several unique features such as Dual Shot Video Recording, Dual Shot Photo Album, Briefcase Hold, Live Contact photograph viewer, Document Viewer and much more. This mobile phone has been designed to record video with the help of the video cam and can be watched later too. To take videos and stills, the users can drag the pictures and videos from different places over to the place where they want to store them. The Samsung galaxy m01 has a very powerful camera which has got the ability to record video and audio with a high frames rate. samsung galaxy m01

The Samsung galaxy m01 has got a built in music player which offers plenty of memory storage and lets the user to listen to their favorite music through it. With the help of this, the user can play the audio files on their PC or even burn them to CD. The Samsung Galaxy S Memo has got a nice feature which allows the user to write out the reminder number for the day, after which they can use the same to remind themselves to exercise or go to the gym etc. This reminder feature of the Samsung galaxy S Memo also helps in remembering the day and provides motivation.

With the Samsung galaxy M01 there is the option of taking photos and videos and also having an inbuilt video camera which has got a very good resolution and also a high frame rate. This quality of the video and photos made the people love the phone more. The Samsung galaxy s pen has got a complete set of tools such as a whiteboard, a notepad and eraser. With the help of this pen, the people can write something on the paper and send it out by email instantly. Apart from writing, the users can draw something using the eraser tool of the Samsung galaxy S Memo.

There is no way by which you can find out the memory capacity of your Samsung galaxy m01 unless you check the internet browser. The browser will let you know about the memory of your device along with the storage space. The android devices with the tools like the drawers and the documents manager offer a lot more than what one may think about it. You can upload videos and movies and can also edit them using the facilities of this smart phone.

You can also connect your Samsung galaxy m01 to the internet anywhere in the world. There is a USB cable which is present in the box for you to connect the device to the computer. There is also a SIM tray and a micro USB port which are present inside the Samsung smart phone. The Wi-Fi service of this gadget is the best so that you can make calls and send text messages online with your family and friends. It is available with a minute amount of price and is one of the most advanced mobile phones in the market today.

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