The new flagship smartphone from OxygenOS


, the OnePlus 9R is packed with so much features, it may just overpower you. Loaded with tons of features, this smartphone has it all. From a single camera to an expandable storage space, from a high-end processor to next-generation internals, this smartphone truly has it all. If you’re looking for a great phone that’s loaded with features, then this is the one for you.

The all-new OxygenOS has many unique features that set it apart from other smartphones. For example, the Oxygen OS comes with a huge difference in the way it loads up apps. As opposed to previous smartphones that load up the apps one at a time as soon as you open them up, the OxygenOS smoothly responds to what you want, opening up one at a time. Loaded with so many features, the OxygenOS gives you a seamless browsing experience, allowing you to multi-task, play music or even run any heavy job without stalling the whole speed of your phone. With a stunning 16 mega-pixels camera on the back of the unit, you don’t have to leave the convenience of your home to take photos – now you can take pictures of your friends and share them on social media sites all over the world. OnePlus 9R

The OxygenOS is also the first smartphone from Oxygen as an official manufacturer. This relationship with the company, though, doesn’t mean the device is designed to fall short of its promises, rather that it’s made with the users in mind. The two big features of this smartphone are the Quick Panel and Dashboard, which are two customizable widgets that come pre-installed on the smartphone. You can access the widgets through a tap on the screen or through a dedicated pull-down menu. The Quick Panel, however, is only accessible from the main homescreen.

The OxygenOS comes with a ton of built-in functions, but it is just a part of a larger picture. One thing it does exceptionally well is loading web pages faster. This is perhaps one of the most commonly complained issues of flagship smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S series. With the OnePlus 9R, the loading time for web pages has been reduced by about 50 percent compared to the predecessors, making it easier than ever to browse through the web and stay up to date on your work, personal, and entertainment needs.

Another key feature of this smartphone in comparison to the iPhone and Galaxy S series is the built-in India integration. Even in their own smartphone brands like the iPhone and Galaxy S, manufacturers have only been able to integrate a few services in India due to regulations and licensing restrictions. However, the OxygenOS and oneplus devices, owing to their combined hardware and software, have been able to include messaging, radio, and video services through the airwaves of India, giving users access to an ever expanding array of wireless connectivity. As such, India is now fast becoming the center of global smartphone market.

One of the most oft cited complaints about smartphones is their limited ability to charge. The OnePlus 9R has ancharging Port just like many other smartphone chargers available in the market, which allows it to charge even when you’re not using it. To facilitate this function, the handset also features Qi Wireless Charging, a technology that is relatively new in smartphones. Qi Wireless Charging works via a pair of transceivers (one for the data wire and another for the power wire) that connect to a charging pad, giving the handset instant access to charge whenever necessary. With this ability, coupled with its unbeatable price tag of $250, the oneplus flagship is more than capable of providing you with hours of entertainment and gaming.

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