What’s the All-Time Best Selling Cat Toy?

You would think it’s one of those cat toys that you see on TV right? You know the one that seems to have a TV commercial every ten minutes? While thousands of that [as seen on TV] toy may have been sold, the number sold does not surpass the all-time best selling toy for kitty. Which is… Mice, mice and mice!

If your cat has been part of your family for a while, I’m sure that mouse toys have been a hit in the entertainment department for your cat. Mice just never seem to fail at making your cat want to play.

If you’re getting a new kitty, some of the necessities that should be included in your preparation for his or her arrival is, of course, cat toys. With a new cat or kitten, you don’t yet know the preference of your fur baby. Therefore, it’s best to get a variety of toys and let the cat decide which type of toy he or she likes best. Cats seem to like mice better than some of the other toy types because of their natural instinct to hunt mice.

The overall best selling cat toy is the toy mouse. Of course, that in itself is not simple. Cat toy mice come in so many varieties that it can make your head spin. There are tiny mice, realistic looking mice, mice that rattle, some have catnip inside, some come in bright colors, some are natural colors, long tails, furry tails, corded tails, tails with bells, yarn tails, corded mice, yarn mice, you get the picture right?

Kitty needs a mixture of balls, mice, toys on a string and battery-powered toys are usually a hit too! Getting your new fur baby an assortment of toy types is a plus. This lets him or her choose what type of toy they like best. Scratch and Purr

Once your cat shows a preference to the type of toy they like best, branch out with some variations of that toy. For example, if your cat likes mice the best, you could literally provide a hundred different variations such as: Mice with feathers, bells or rabbit fur, plush mice, rattling mice, big mice, small mice and brightly colored or real looking mice. Then, let kitty decide which ones are the best for them.

When your cat has decided what type of toy mice they prefer, stock up! I can’t say this enough! I talk with pet parents daily and I can’t tell you the devastation they feel when their cats favorite toy suddenly gets discontinued by the manufacturer. It’s not uncommon for a toy that’s in demand to be discontinued and no longer available. You’ve never seen such a sad face as that on a cat that has just lost the very last one of his favorite and special toys. You’ll find yourself turning the house upside down trying to find that special toy that has gone missing and your cat will continue to give you that sad face hoping that you find it. It helps to keep at least a few of the top picks of cat toys that your cat likes on hand. Then, if that toy becomes unavailable, you’ll have some in reserve until you can find an alternative that kitty will hopefully like just as much.

Mice toys are without a doubt the most loved toy by cats and are probably less expensive than some of the other toy types. I sure hope you won’t encounter that “look” from your cat when that loved toy disappears into who knows where!

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